Legislator joins opioid roundtable in State College

State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R) joined health experts from State College Medical Friday for a roundtable discussion of the opioid epidemic.

The roundtable focused on how the epidemic affects this community and what treatment opportunities are available.

An average of 10 people per day, or 300 people per month, die from opioid overdose in Pennsylvania, according to Benninghoff.

“Times in Happy Valley we like to believe there are no issues and we like to believe there’s no poverty, we like to believe no blight and/or addiction,” Benninghoff said.

During the roundtable, facilities director Lisa McLean stressed the need for more awareness about treatment options.

The facility she runs operates as an out-patient clinic.

“Having out-patient treatment as an option is great,” McLean said. “[Patients] can continue to work and be productive with their families.”

Benninghoff said legislators are going to try and tackle this issue in the spring in regards to insurance coverage and access to more facilities.