Treatment Regime

Each individual is different and determines which programs and treatment options works best. Our outpatient programs offer (initially) sometimes daily visits to a local facility. Over time, visits become less frequent. People are matched with a skilled counselor and have the option of group therapy. Outpatient treatment allows individuals to maintain daily life (work and family) while working with us.

Our residential program generally involves a 30-day plus stay in one of our pastoral facilitates. This option
Includes counseling, group therapy and our 12-step program.

We offer our Recovery Houses transitional living environments (upon referral.) These are community-based locations for individuals involved with our outpatient programs. This provides a smooth transition for the complete journey to recovery.

Our process includes:

• Educational classes on the disease of addiction and alcoholism
• Family sessions
• Intensive alcohol and drug rehabilitation group therapy
• Life skills development
• Mental health treatment as necessary
• Twelve-step meetings
Our program is flexible for the individual and works for individuals who cannot maintain a residential program requirement.

How does Rehab Work?

Substance abuse is physical, emotional and psychological. We help to disrupt use and accomplish, with us, what people cannot on their own. Achievement of permanent healing works best with a team of professionals.

We have just that team.

We have years of experience in helping people disrupt use of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), prescription drugs (such as Xanax, Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin, Oxymorphone, and RoxyCodone), huffing (gas, butane, solvents, and nitrous), and marijuana addiction.

Medically Assisted Detox, inpatient rehabilitation and intensive patient services:

Unless a patient receives a proper medically assisted detox under the care of a professional, they will continue to experience strong physical cravings for more of the substance that they have abused. The moment a person stops drinking or using any drug, the body starts the process of detoxifying itself. We are there to help the patient through this process. Once detox is complete we continue to work with individuals on a life of healing.